Video Policy


Video Policy

With the uprising of user created video content on the internet and the monetizing of this content, we see the need for this webpage as a form of support for such endeavors.

You are free to record, publish and share videos of Existence Unknown Games (EXU Games) in any way shape or form, subject to the rules and conditions on this webpage.

This webpage serves as a permission to monetize your video through the various partner programs such as YouTube, and other similar programs. We at EXU Games do not seek a share of any revenue earned through these partner programs and as such you do not have to request further approval.

You may link to this webpage to provide the evidence you are legally monetizing your video's containing gameplay content and visuals from our games.

The following is a list of rules your monetized videos are subject to:
  • You may not limit access to the videos using a paid subscription model or charge money in any other form to be able to view the video. The video has to be publicly available for sharing and viewing
  • You are not allowed to claim ownership of the content and visuals. All video footage of our games is property of EXU Games you're allowed to share and monetize
  • The video must not contain drug abuse, racism, sexism or other really offensive content
  • Using our logo in your video's requires asking permission from us, game content already containing our logo is exempt from this.

Please let us know about your video featuring one of our games, we would love to watch and share it, you can tweet at us @martinborgman on Twitter!