Booster Z-Frame Alpha 53 release

Posted on 2014-12-07 21:42 by Martin
This patch is probably the biggest update ever, the patch notes also reflect this. The game now has a lot more visuals and is als a lot more optimised in terms of HUD.

  • Shadow Layer @ 99% Opacity, you can now see a tiny bit into the darkness
  • Added Bulge 200/10 to BG1 Layer
  • Added shake effect for rocks and ship destruction
  • Added HyperSpace window effect for entering Hyperspace and exiting Hyperspace into a sector. With the new detection system, the Hyperspace exit alerts everyone in the sector to you presence, you have to move after exiting if you want to avoid combat. Once other ships are able to jump into your sector as well (using the Hyperspace exit effect), you are also alerted to the location of those ships
  • Added Various Hyperspace sounds (start, enter, abort, countdown etc...)
  • Added Explosion effect
  • Added Fire, Smoke and Sparks Particle systems, these will be used to indicate ship damage, they will catch on fire when heavily damaged
  • Added locational damage for frigates. You could already shoot and destroy the turrets, but now once they are gone the ship will catch on fire and eventually explode
  • Added angle based death for ships, when they catch on fire they will lose control and eventually explode
  • Added environmental damage to the player and enemy ships, when near a sun or black hole
  • Added a layoutzoom based on current Barrier level. Higher levels zoom out further, so you can see more of the world (scales 0.7, 0.85 and 1.0)
  • Added Rocks to turret targets for turrets on frigates, they will now shoot at rocks if they come close to the ship
  • Added volumeSFX, volumeBGM, volumeVOX and volumeCHT. These variables are used to make it possible to separate certain sound effects for group based volume control
  • Added a temporary capital ship spawn on world/jump 13 for demonstrational purposes
  • Added a menu with a back button and volume sliders for Sound Effects, Music, VOX and Radio chatter

  • The game now has a detection system, enemy ships will detect and relay your location and your power output increases the range in which you can be detected exponentially
  • Modified the HUD
    • Added a detection indicator eye, which goes from 10%-100% opacity, from aquamarine to yellow to red. Indicating how visible you are to potential enemies in the sector
    • Modified the Crystal Clamp HUD, it's now less obscuring
    • Modified the health and shield bars, they are a lot smaller and now centered at the top of the screen
    • Modified the location of the "Scrap" and "Creds" text
      • Scrap is now "XXX scrap" instead of "Scrap XXX"
      • Credits is no longer called "Creds", it now shows "credits XXX" in the text field
  • Tweaked various values on the ship types, more firepower and faster fire rates. Shooting stuff now feels more satisfying as you actually see faster results now
  • Tweaked the nebula bullet effect, made enemy ships shoot a bit further and the player a bit less far. And ship type 6 now has its own effect

  • Changed the amount of crystals needed for a Hyperspace jump from 5 to 4, this way you can save one for the next sector so it feels less like you're constantly starting from scratch. This was done because right now you can't make your ship tougher with upgrades (Addons/Modules etc...). Once things like that are going into the game, this will be non-issue.
  • Changed the ship shield impact, flipped it so it now spawns at the bullet location instead of ship location. This way it can also be used on bigger ships with shields
  • Changed the ship shield, removed the flash behavior. instead it will now fade in and out when near a sun or black hole
  • Changed the level select menu, it now has onhover events, alpha information and a Steam greenlight button

  • Fixed shiptype 6's bullet light to align properly to the lightspot
  • Removed Dust Resource for now
  • Fixed Build version not properly updating for saves
  • Fixed the purplespawn ship's bulletLights, they weren't pinned to the bullets
  • Fixed Rocks spawning with 0/0 resources (I hope, this one keeps coming back at random)
  • Fixed an issue where the spawner tried to spawn enemy ships when on screen near the player. Nothing should be able to spawn onscreen, at least not without a Hyperspace exit (future feature). It also caused ships to spawn with a completely messed up setup, fighters with turrets, not enough detection range etc...
  • Fixed an issue with the health variable, the save slots and deleting saves were not properly resetting the health value. Basically you could die in any of your saves, after dying once in other saves/worlds
  • Fixed the location inventory slot twelve. The inventory array was only 11 wide, now it is properly set to 12