The missing link?

What do I read or did I find interesting enough to link, you ask yourself? Well go ahead and have a gander I have linked up on this page. If you want your link posted here, show me what you've got. If I like it and Joe doesn't blow it up, it will be added.

If you want to link back to Existence-Unknown, you can use these Existence-Unknown link images, which you can use for your own devious plans on your website.

Artwork information and tutorial sites:

- Awesome video tutorials on coloring, drawing and such

- Information on webcomic creation


- Linked to my DeviantArt page

- Linked to my Flickr page

- The website of a few awesome TF2 servers

- Linked to my profile

- All kinds of random stuff

- Devoted TeamFortress2 community, bringing you TF2 news and servers

- Linked to my Twitter page

- Linked to my kouji82 channel

- Linked to my Time Lapse FullHD channel

- Linked to my profile


- The meaning of life?

- A bear and a cat, doing stuff

- Searching for a way out of the blasted city

- Videogame nonsense and weird stuff...

- MMORPG dungeons as seen trough the eyes of the inhabitants

- Biff wisdome, 2 large eyebrows included

- Oldschool game characters meet life

- MMORPG gone comic
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