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Is it Contained development progress

The following list shows the ongoing process during the development of Containment, it will eventually contain "hehe" all the features I can come up with and try to get working in the game. All alongside a status indicator showing things that are:

implemented and finished in the latest build
implemented in the latest build, still has some bugs
implemented in the latest build, still requires more features or work
being worked on for this build
being worked on for this build, might not be finalized for this build
planned for one of the next builds

Development started on February 25 2011
Build21 is currently being developed
Build20 was finished on December 19, 2012

Build1 trough Build14 were bug test and feature test builds, to get to know Construct’s ins and outs. During the development of Build15 "all" bugs related to the doors were fixed.

Final artwork Characters and Aliens
Jarvis Miller
Joseph Shepherd (Joe)
Ervin “Boss” Reid
Chass Emeka
S38-Kobold (Chass' Space Fighter)
Joe's Tug

Heads up Display

Smooth camera movement from one character to the next
Camera shake when there's an explosion or when an enemy dies
Camera has zoom options to switch between modes (character/ship movement)
The world will now glow/pulsate green, the more Sludge there is on screen

World HUD
Health bars

Four character selection system
Individual skill set per character
Individual movement per character
Jarvis Miller skill set, movement and weapons
Joseph Shepherd (Joe) skill set, movement and weapons
Ervin “Boss” Reid skill set, movement and weapons
Chass Emeka skill set, movement and weapons

World objects

Operated by touch
Operated by pressing "use"
Operated by buttons
Activated by multisources (all have to set to on, for it to activate)
Activated by hacking them
Can also be used as elevators or platforms!
Delay system
Health system, blowing them open using Joe’s explosives
Health system, Sludgecreeper opening them by wearing them down
Door and multisource reset system (timer)
Disabled from being triggered by Sludge overlapping/encasing them

Ladders, top movement and animation still need work


Alien life forms
Spore, can evolve into alien structures depending on available tech level
Searcher, an evolved collector, bigger and tougher and can call in reinforcements
Sludgecreeper, it lives on the edge of Sludge and is responsible for spreading it
Sludger, it spawns from the Spawner and searches for none Sludge covered areas to Sludge

Alien structures

Sludge Creep
Sludgecreeper, goes trough the world and on spawn orientates to floors/walls/ceilings
Sludgecreeper, covers the floors, walls and ceilings in Sludge Creep
Sludgecreeper, is able to negotiate directional changes (inside and outside corners)
Sludgecreeper, is able to negotiate directional changes (180 turn around)
Sludgecreeper, is using smooth angle changes instead of instant angle changes
Sludgecreeper, can be damaged by the sludge removal weapon
Sludgecreeper, can detect doors and can’t climb them, instead it turn towards the door and start sludge-ing it
Sludgecreeper, respawning on the edge of Sludge Creep after it has been left alone for a while (spawning from spore)
Sludgecreeper, despawning if it comes in contact with another Sludge Creep edge
Sludgecreeper, when a door's health reaches 0 and opens up, the Sludgescreeper resumes it's path
Sludgecreeper, can negotiate slopes, basically the game has slopes now instead of being only grid based
Sludger, starts spawning Sludgecreepers in none-sludged areas
Sludger, exploding into Sludge Creep, covering the area in Sludge Creep
Sludge Creep, makes things slippery for the player characters
Sludge Creep, giving health bonus to the aliens
Sludge Creep, being damaged or driven back by sludge remover
Sludge Creep, being damaged or driven back by dampening field modules

Additions to this list will continue during development, when I come up with more things
I want to put into the game