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Is it Contained?

About the Game

  • "Single player Side-Scrolling Puzzle Platformer and Side-Scrolling shooter,
    about Territory Control with some kind of Tower Defense backing it up

    You will have Four Characters at your disposal, each with their Unique Skills, Weapons, Vehicles and Space Ships. Which will come in handy in some way, shape or form with the Objectives, Puzzles and to Combat the Aliens and other threats.

  • Their main task is to try Contain the Alien Treat, which moves though the world using Sludge. A sort of Creep, which Dynamically tries to cover everything in the world and gives Buffs, Healing Abilities and Random Spawn points to the Alien Life Forms.

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Key Features

  • Control Four Characters and combine their Unique Skills to accomplish your objectives

  • A plan comes together with a combination of Brute Force, Support, Outflanking and Diversion

  • Dynamically Infested Worlds make each time you play quite different to some extent

  • Three completely different game genres joined forces combining seamlessly into one game

    • Side-Scrolling Puzzle Platformer
    • Side-Scrolling Shooter
    • Tower Defense

  • An Interactive Environment to help you in answering the age old question of: "Is it Contained?"

Taking hints!

  • The Lost Vikings

    For those of you who've seen or played The Lost Vikings from back in 1992, the gameplay will feel very familiar. Switching between characters to accomplish objectives or reach certain goals using their skills to their advantage

  • Tower defense

    The Tower Defense comes in the form of taking over Outposts and Repairing or Hacking into Defense Systems. The aliens will send out a constant stream of Chargers alongside the much more formidable alien lifeforms. The charger is a disposable alien life form, which will suicide charge into structures to infest and ultimately try to take over your Defenses and Outposts

    Once you have secured an Outpost, you will be able to activate the available Droid Constructors. Which means you can send out your very own disposable army of Suicide Robots and their sole purpose is to engage the Chargers. However unlike the Chargers they won't be able to take over outposts, something that's only possible using the main characters.

The main characters

  • Joe Sheppard, demolition engineer

    Loud would be the word to describe Joe. When he's not yelling at people, he's probably blowing stuff up. And he's got quite an odd occupation, with him destroying and fixing things. Well you know what they say, when you know how things go together, you're the best man for the job to blow those things up as well... Or something along those lines.

    He can repair equipment, should it get damaged at some point. And is able to take out fortifications and bigger aliens with ease. Using either his explosives or heavy firepower, brute forcing his way though it rather then outflanking it.

  • Boss, close quarter combat support

    Only a few know his real name, most people just call him Boss and as such is indeed the boss of the crew. He wields a shotgun, which deals heavy damage to anything in the immediate vicinity. The lack of range and somewhat longer reload cycle makes this a support or last resort weapon.

    He supports the guys out in the field with field generators for energy, defense grid spheres to counter the Sludge and the very important medical support. He's quite an invaluable guy to have out in the field.

  • Chass Emeka, sharpshooter Spec-Ops

    Chass is very well known for his ability to hit things and move at extreme speeds and distance. He is the fastest of the crew and also has a few tricks up his sleeve as well. He has technology which make it possible for him to step into a phased slipstream reality. During his phased state he will be invulnerable ,can move and leap even faster then he already can and can phase through certain things.

    His weapons have a very high rate of fire, but cannot pierce the bigger alien armour. However, combined with his already superior speed and even more so using his slipstream technology. He can outflank and shoot the soft parts to inflict serious damage.

  • Jarvis Miller, ship's pilot and informer

    He's the only one that can pilot the Bishop, their Spaceship Carrier. Jarvis is not the combat type, but he does have some combat abilities. He mostly relies on distractions and stuns to make his entrance or getaway.

    He's the guy that is able to fix computer panels, hack into systems and take over certain structures or defense systems like turrets or anti Sludge barriers. There are simply some doors and barriers out there, which are quite heavily armoured. Nullifying both Joe's explosives and Chass' phase technology. Making Jarvis quite the asset, even though he doesn't like to be out in the field.