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Booster Z-Frame: Gridlock

About the Game

  • "Single player Top-Down Hyperspace jumping Space Shooter with a Randomly Generated Adventure"

    You will be piloting a modular ship, which you can adapt to your playstyle or to the environment using various artifacts, addons or upgrades you can obtain or buy in shops. Just trying to get back to your homeworld after your support frigate was destroyed.

    Following each Hyperspace jump, you'll have to explore the space around you to gather resources. There will be many dangers out there in the forms of black holes, pulsars, stars, nebulas and of course the fleet that's chasing you. The good thing is, your space fighter is quite capable to defending itself and even take the fight to the enemy. However, always keep in mind, you're just one ship out there in a world that is mostly out to destroy you, with a few neutral or friendly exceptions...

The Prelude
  • You're piloting one of the most advanced space fighters on a mission to test this new weapon in secrecy in a galaxy far far away... While you were away from your support frigate, an alert appears on your HUD informing you the frigate is under attack. Upon arrival on the scene, all that's left are the debris from the battle and the last message the frigate received.

    "A hostile fleet of unknown origin is underway to your homeworld!"

    The ship is incapable of hyperspace travel, but with some clever engineering it seems possible to retrofit the frigate's hyperspace module into your ship's systems. However this comes with a drawback. You won't be able to jump as far as the frigate and after each hyperspace jump you'll deplete your power crystals. Exploring the space around you after every jump, looking for resources to fuel that thing is your only option to get home. Beware, space is a dangerous place!

Key Features

  • Modular ship design to play the way you want, while adapting to the environment and threats

  • Randomly generated worlds after each Hyperspace jump, jumping into the unknow to add to the suspense

  • Obtain Upgrades and Addons for your ship to gradually grow stronger throughout the game

  • Explore space, encounter dangerous things like Black holes, Pulsars, stars and many more things

  • A randomly generated Adventure, each time your play is quite a different experience.

Taking hints!

  • FTL: Faster Than Light:

    The game is loosely inspired by Faster than Light. However instead of being turn based and placing the emphasis on the ship's internal workings. This game will feature a more direct interactive approach of a space shooter with an adaptable ship type. Trying to survive being hunted by the enemy and the dangers of space travel, with an upgradable modular ship.

    • A Booster, basically the engine
    • A Barrier, which functions as both a shield and your light source. Space is quite dark!
    • A Blaster, I think we can all agree these names kinda explain themselves...
    • Changing shiptype, at the cost of resources

    You can change the power output of these modules and your shiptype at any give time to adapt to the environment, if you have the power crystals available to do so.

    There are shop, hidden artifacts etc... throughout the worlds. Obtain addons and module upgrades for your ship to gradually grow more and more powerful. You will definitely need all that power!

  • Homeworld series:

    The storytelling in Homeworld is something which really made the game shine. What is a game without a good story...

    While Booster Z-Frame is mostly randomly generated after each hyperspace jump. This also makes it somewhat harder to tell a good story. So instead of only having randomly generated worlds, some of these areas will feature scripted events. These scenarios are still randomly chosen a from a list of scripts, maybe even combine a few. In the end it will result in a much richer and engaging environment, really adding to the suspense

  • Side scrolling shooters from the 80/90-ies

    The main ones that comes to mind are Super R-Type, Bio-Hazard Battle, Axelay. Those are the definition of Easy to Learn, Hard to Master. With Booster Z-Frame the "on-the-fly" customisation part will be even broader. Play the way you want, where you want. It is entirely possible to avoid combat, and simply do support or gather missions, until you think you're ready in terms of weaponry and support tools. Or if you have the skills, you can go all out against enemy fortifications, to see how far you can go.

    With this in mind, you are in control and are not being forced into a role, this also raises the potential skill ceiling, while keeping the learning curve acceptable for everyone.