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The games section of Existence Unknown, where you can keep and eye on EXU Games, which have either been released or being worked on.


  • Booster Z-Frame (formerly known as Booster Bubble Blaster)

    • "Single player Top-Down Hyperspace jumping Space Shooter with a Randomly Generated Adventure"

      You will be piloting a modular ship, which you can adapt to your playstyle or to the environment using various artifacts, addons or upgrades you can obtain or buy in shops. Just trying to get back to your homeworld after your support frigate was destroyed.

      Following each Hyperspace jump, you'll have to explore the space around you to gather resources. There will be many dangers out there in the forms of black holes, pulsars, stars, nebulas and of course the fleet that's chasing you. The good thing is, your space fighter is quite capable to defending itself and even take the fight to the enemy. However, always keep in mind, you're just one ship out there in a world that is mostly out to destroy you, with a few neutral or friendly exceptions...

    • Is It Contained? (formerly known as Containment)

      • "Single player Side-Scrolling Puzzle Platformer and Side-Scrolling shooter,
        about Territory Control with some kind of Tower Defense backing it up

        You will have Four Characters at your disposal, each with their Unique Skills, Weapons, Vehicles and Space Ships. Which will come in handy in some way, shape or form with the Objectives, Puzzles and to Combat the Aliens and other threats.

      • Their main task is to try Contain the Alien Treat, which moves though the world using Sludge. A sort of Creep, which Dynamically tries to cover everything in the world and gives Buffs, Healing Abilities and Random Spawn points to the Alien Life Forms.

    • Super Marine Bros
      - free and open source

        This is a crossover game between Super Mario Brothers on the NES and Natural Selection being developed on the Scirra Construct engine, a DirectX 9.0 engine for Windows. The Natural Selection marine has to fight his way trough the world of Super Mario Bros

    Map Design
    • Company of Heroes

      • Fortress Groningen, this map is based on a real fortress called Vesting Bourtange in the north of the Netherlands. It isnít a 100% recreation, mind you. This is due to gameplay limitations. But I did try to make it look like the Fortress. Vesting Bourtange is shaped like a pentagram, which I thought would be pretty interesting to base a Company of Heroes map on.

      • Fortress Groningen Ruins, the previous map, on which this one is based, has been demolished at both manpowerpoints. Some buildings inside the town also took damage and are on fire. The main reason for this utter lack of respect for this historical monument was, that I needed two entrances to enter the fortress. So I took down the levees with loads of artillery and airstrikes. This resulted in the levees collapse and left the area under siege as a scarred mess.

    • Natural Selection

      • co_cerberus, instead of getting a well earned rest after their battle against the Kharaa on Achio, the marines now find themselves fighting for their lives. This ship must be defended if the marines want to get home. This is because Achio has been damaged severely and can not move under its own power. The communications array of Achio also has been damaged making Cerberus their only lifeline with Central Command.

      • ns_achio is most likely the biggest map ever created for NS, but due to the engine limitations I had to cancel a few areas. I made it look like there's much more to the ship than is seen by the player with the use of broken inaccessible areas, closed doors and elevations which hint at more areas...

      • ns_achio (revised), I started this map to fix many of the things wrong with the original Achio. Things which changed/were fixed compared to the old Achio:

        • Lack of cover/large open spaces throughout the map and hallways
        • Over-stressing the engine resources used (lag on slower pc's and overall netlag)
        • The style and texturing used
        • Added more detail throughout the map

        The layout is roughly the same, but the size of the map is smaller. Everything has been tweaked to resemble an actual space ship, with levels (or decks). The hallways bend around architecture which would be located on the different levels, but extend into the lower or higher levels.

        I gave the lighting a complete revision. With the use of more contrasting and more colorful lights. This was to counter the washed out look the old Achio had.

        It also has a few "unique to this map" gameplay additions!

        • Hives based bacterium lockdown resnodes
        • Weldable resnode
        • Alien only trough wall teleporter, similar to the movement chamber
        • Two button security door

    • Natural Selection 2