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Jarvis Miller

Job: Pilot and Informer
Age: 25
Eye color: Bright blue
Left or right handed: Lefty

General information:
One can usually find Jarvis piloting the ship or annoying the crew with his sarcasm and practical jokes. Normally Joe is the target of this, but only if there is an escape route to safety.

If things get serious though, he is someone you can count on. Due to his vast knowledge of things, he's also the informer and is able to get almost any form of information needed for jobs.

Joseph Sheppard

Job: Demolition, Engineering
Age: 28
Eye color: Wouldn't say
Left or right handed: Ambidextrous

General information:
Loud would be the word to describe Joe. When he's not yelling *at people* he's probably blowing stuff up. Believe it or not, his duty on board the ship is to keep her running at all times.

His engineering skills are very good, however his ability to blow stuff up probably rivals his fixing skill. His job is most accurately described as demolition-engineer.

Joe happens to be a weapon nut and has a large arsenal collected over the years at his disposal.

His motto is: "The bigger, the better!" And usually wants to take as much weapons with him as possible on a job. Which is not always endorsed by Boss:
Sometimes you have to be subtle Joe. AND NOT BLOW THE LIVING CRAP OUT OF EVERYTHING!!!
Both Joe and Ervin seem to have knowledge about the aliens. This knowledge could only be obtained trough some kind of involvement with the secret defense fleet, which are trying to keep the aliens and the very existence of these lifeforms contained.

Ervin (Boss) Reid

Job: Boss
Age: 36
Eye color: Greenish
Left or right handed: Right

General information:
Not much is known about Ervin's background and there are only a few people who actually know his name. The crew just calls him Boss. He seems to know about the aliens, like Joe. So it seems plausible, both he and Joe were involved in some way with the secret defense fleet.

Even though his past is quite the mystery. He's infamous among his clients and enemies. In fact he has more than a few enemies. Could be chalked up to his charming personality, I guess.

He has an uncanny ability not to budge for anything. If someone stands in his way to complete a job, they usually end up thinking about the fist to the face hitting them.

Chass Emeka

Job: Sharpshooter
Age: 26
Eye color: Brown
Left or right handed: A marksman needs both hands!

General information:
Chass is very well known for his ability to hit things at extreme speed and distance. With his two trusty autoR6-32 9mm, which uses caseless shells, he's a force to be reckoned with in any situation.

This is probably also the main reason Boss hired him. He usually hangs back and keeps an eye out for potential threats when on a job. Chass is very serious about almost everything. Which in some cases end up in some pretty hectic or funny situations.