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Alien Seeder

A Seeder is very rare. But in some areas that are even too hostile for the Spawner, this alien will be the only option in such an area. It will seek either minerals, liquids or gas and once it finds a good spot it will drill into the ground and extend its tentacles to get to the source.

A Seeder is very small, about the size of a small bird, making it very easy to destroy. However spotting them is close to impossible. When they are searching out a resource or spawning a Collector, they are close to invisible. Only if you look very closely and know where it is, you could spot it. Their visibility has been measured at around 10% of the visible spectrum. Light will even pass trough and won't even cast a shadow.

In the following picture you can see the 3 stages it will go trough. I've made them fully visible, in the background you can see how we normally perceive them:

The only time they are completely visible is when they drill into the ground. And during the time they are spawning a Collector, it and the growing Collector will become more visible as the Collector grows. Just before the release of the Collector it will be about 25% into our visible spectrum. And will become fully visible once it releases the Collector, after that it will go back to 10% visibility.

As long as there are resources to spawn Collectors, it will continue to do so. If the well is dry (so to speak) it can detach itself and continue the search for the next resource spot.