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Prelude story

The story starts of on a little planet near the outer rim, which Joe calls his home. After being out on a mission for quite some time he discovers a ship has crash-landed in his forest. Chass, one of the crew members, was send out to investigate something on the edge of the forest. After first activating something odd, which could be described as a few slime balls emerging from a hole in the ground that proceed to attack him, he encounters Joe.

Joe saves him, but also knocks him unconscious. Joe thought hed stopped it from happening again and goes to get a drink at the local bar. But it seems Chass has knocked out his security grid, which protects the planet from the alien slime balls. Joe regularly used them for target practice and thusly kept them alive.

A mistake it seems, because Jarvis was send after Chass and he accidentally activated the alien defense system, which will first launch an even bigger and extremely though slime ball.

This new slime ball is the second weapon of attack. Since the alien collective has now detected life it will instruct this bigger slime ball to find a fluid source. Once it finds a fluid source (for example: water or perhaps Jarvis) it will absorb the fluid and transform into a homing beacon for the alien forces. The more water it absorbs the stronger the signal and more alien forces will be attracted. Once it has transformed and transmitted the signal it will explode and cover a large area with a thick dark green sludge. This will be the primary base for the aliens to land, or crash since that is probably a better description of how they actually land

The existence of these alien entities is unknown to the public, yet the secret defense fleet has been observing and containing them for over 10 years. Yet even they don't fully understand where they originate from. This highly classified and dangerous life form is about to break that silence.

Hence the name:

*Existence Unknown*