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This section will be the home for my one shot or single panel comics. They are based on anything I find interesting and have to be no more then just one single panel. I can use speech bubbles, but I prefer not to and just tell a joke or small story with just the drawings.

Iíve placed this section along side the Existence Unknown comic so it wonít distract from the EXU story. Furthermore all of these one shot comics will most likely be unrelated to each other. Unless I need more then a single panel, but that would be cheating the system now wouldnít it :D

The idea came to mind when I read this comment by Anthoni on the UnknownWorlds Entertainment forums, resulting in the first 1 shot comic for this new section: NS2 TSA vs Dundee. Iím guessing NS2 will be one of the sources for this new section as well, their NS2 General Discussion and Ideas and Suggestions forums are quite entertaining sometimes.

Furthermore, I am probably also going to do some crossovers to other comics I like, after asking their permission of course. And maybe some other crossover ideas with movies or games in minds. I'll see where this goes...