About and Contact information

Existence Unknown is an entertainment and independent game company based in Hoogezand, the Netherlands. Initially starting out in map design for the Half-Life mod Natural Selection, Forgotten Hope a BF1942 mod and Company of Heroes. A valuable learning process to see how games work and more importantly learning what makes games fun, based on the very important feedback from those projects.

The main focus is to create games which are easy and fun to learn and have enough depth for the more advance players.

Game philosophy: "Learn by Play, master through Practice"

This way, a player can avoid getting in trouble and still progress. Or if they have the skills, face challenges head on and progress in an entirely different way throughout the game. Basically playing the way you want.

Right now two games are being developed (Is it Contained? and Booster Z-Frame), these will also be the first two games released by Existence Unknown. A very fun and also exciting time!

There is a webcomic available on the website, on which the first game is based and various Let's Play, First Impressions and Entertainment YouTube videos, made by Martin Borgman. Requests for First Impression video's are to be send to Martin Borgman